Top 10 Business-Friendly Cities in New York State

Published: 03rd March 2011
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New York State has approximately 62 cities, with many very small and others like New York City very large. Many businesses come to New York State to start or transfer their business to the area because much of the state is very business oriented. However, of the 62 cities in the state, 10 stand out as the top for being the most business-friendly and savvy, these include:

1. New York City stands as the number one city that is business-friendly. Many people have started and moved businesses to the city because of the massive amount of people in the area, there is always room for one more business.

2. Rochester, NY has a large economy in the state and is very business-friendly. There are many educational institutions that are well known such as Rochester Institute of Technology and major corporations such as Kodak, Xerox, and Bausch & Lomb.

3. Buffalo is not just a great place to raise your family as reported in 2010 by Forbes, it is also has a strong business area that has a lot of Canadian shoppers and therefore, it is a great place to start or move a business to

4. Albany is one of New York's business-friendly cities because it has been the center of higher education along with healthcare services. There is a lot of history in the city, which makes it a great place to relocate or start a business.

5. Yonkers is a place that many people visit because it has so many attractions including museums, raceways, and many retails businesses. Those looking to relocate their business, this is a very business-friendly city.

6. Syracuse, New York is the economic hub of central New York, and therefore, has some of the top employers such as Lockheed Martin, several universities, and it is a beautiful city that is very business-friendly.

7. New Rochelle, New York was named one of the best walking cities in America, which means many businesses make sure they are located within walking distance to other shops. It is a smaller city that is not only business-friendly, but also family-oriented, which means if you have a business that caters to families, it makes a great place to call home.

8. Utica, New York is in the central region of the state that has had its ups and downs over the years, but it is a highly diverse ethnic area with lots of various restaurants, which means those in the restaurant industry will feel right at home moving their business to Utica.

9. Mount Vernon is in Westchester County and has quite a large economic sector that includes commercial businesses that are quite large, making it another business-friendly city.

10. Schenectady is not often thought of as one of the business-friendly areas in New York, but it is located in the eastern section of the state and has some large business in the area, such as General Electric, and therefore makes this small city a very good place to open or move a business to.

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